When other young men were pursuing office jobs within the private and public sector, Tan Sri Dato’ Hj M Ariffin Yusuf, at 27, was selling pharmaceutical products to hospitals. The experience of briefly working and subsequently becoming a business partner in another company drove Ariffin to become an entrepreneur in his own business venture. Thus, in 1975, he set up PRIMABUMI Sdn Bhd. In the first three months, his office was his briefcase. Working with just bare necessities, business soon picked up and he was able to move into rented premises at SS2 Petaling Jaya with three employees. The country, in the early 1970’s, was in the initial stages of implementing the New Economic Policy, which encouraged Bumiputra entrepreneurs to explore business ventures.
Ariffin, who studied central banking in Karachi after graduating from the School of Business Management, Institut Teknologi MARA was neither a doctor nor a pharmacist. Yet, he was able to assure the then Director of the Kuala Lumpur Hospital that the product he was detailing was superior to the existing product being used at the hospital. When the result of the tender was out, PRIMABUMI had managed to secure the contract. The meeting was a great breakthrough for Ariffin who gained the immediate respect of and recognition from the close-knit pharmaceutical industry.
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