PRIMABUMI aims to be the supplier of choice for reliable, quality and value-added patient care and healthcare services in the country.


PRIMABUMI aspires to be an outstanding strategic Bumiputra partner and agent in the procurement and supply of pharmaceutical products and medical devices to the government, through:

• dealing with products that meet the highest standards;
• adapting to our principals’ rapid business and technological advancements in the pharmaceutical industry;
• providing excellent and professional service to our customers and principals; and
• developing a competent team of pharmacists, managers and staff to support the company’s business interests.

Core Values

Quality, Reliability & Trustworthiness
Through all its investments and business dealings, the PRIMABUMI Group holds true to its core values in DELIVERING PRODUCTS & SERVICES, encapsulating the elements of quality, reliability and trustworthiness. These values project the company’s strong sense of purpose in:

Supplying excellent and safe products at competitive prices; produced and developed by manufacturers of good repute; through a network of hardworking principals and distributors to a stream of satisfied customers in all government hospitals, teaching hospitals and public institutions.
Above all we promise to fulfill every obligation.

Core Competencies

PRIMABUMI’s core competencies include Entrepreneurship, Team Spirit, Strategic Thinking and Performance. Our core competencies are aligned to our core values to sustain our leading position in the procurement and supply of pharmaceutical and medical devices.
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